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The ancient ancestors of our dogs were a form of prehistoric wolf. During the cave-dwelling period of our human ancestors, this wolf sub-species came in from the wild to begin a mutual beneficial alliance with humankind. Advantages in this arrangement were seen at once by both parties. The humans found useful natural abilities in the canine which they adapted to human use, i.e.; hunting, guarding, and draft work. The canines found equally useful natural abilities in their human companions ...better ability to reason, a constant shelter and successful hunting partners.
2010 Decoy Seminar in Germen Shepherd club Germany
The great, natural ability of the canines to adapt themselves to their environment, their human-companions' needs, and to the "mixed pack" behavior requirements, was the key to this human-canine relationship. The canine willingness to "please" and to grant..
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Four Steps to a Well Behaved Dog
Booking :- Telephone, e-mail or book online to reserve your dog's place on our residential dog training course pick up service available.
Owner Training:- One to one tuition with one of our trainers (together with your dog) to help you learn to handle your dog.
Dog Training:- We will train your dog and demonstrate its new level of obedience to you.
At Home:- We will provide you with a hand book of instructions to be followed and an on-going support as and when required.
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