A Day for Wolf N Pack Dog
A working day starts from 4 a.m; the dog is set free in the yard or taken for a walk to relieve itself and to warm up.
At 4.30 a.m the dog is taken for its specified training of 30 minutes.
Then the dog is groomed well for 10 minutes followed by Feeding.
Then the dog is sent to rest for three hours.
After that the dog is set free for the play time which includes Frisbee,two ball,chasing the bunker and pack runs for an hour.
Then the dog is put into its respective kennel which is provided with cool water and fan.
Evening session starts at 5.pm; dog is again called for its training of half an hour.
Then all the dogs are presented at the yard with the handlers to watch the protection training (this is for keeping the dogs engaged).
And then the dog is taken for thorough grooming of 10 minutes.
Followed by feeding and rest.
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